Thursday 11 August 2011

.rant("Dropbox Security Breach")

Well you kept that quiet didn't you Dropbox, not so much as a "we are sorry" email. 
Well goodbye, a security mess up like that can only be trouble so I'm drop kicking you out of my e-life Dropbox. I'm just glad I didn't keep any thing important or secret on there.

Anyway I've found a much better alternative, SpiderOak. It features 2048 bit end-point encrypted data containers and 256 bit data transfer encryption (yep encryption on the transit of already encrypted data, got to love that) + its more flexible and customisable in how it does things. Have a look for yourself

As a side note, if you use the link below to sign up you'll net your self an extra gig of storage for life for FREE.

Asus Transformer + root + sqlite3 + adb = wifi c12 above unlocked

As I said previously. I'm not one for giving up on problems so easly and I've found the fix for this one. (see link below for details)

Basically all you have to do, is use adb to connect to the Asus Transformer, then remount the system partition read write, push sqlite3 to the device and run a one line sql command.
then reboot the Transformer and just like that you get the use of channels 12 and 13 no problem.

Tuesday 2 August 2011

Asus Transformer + wifi c12 above = trouble

I recently purchased the asus Transformer android tablet pc (sending this blog post from it infact) and its  a very good system but it has one pesky problem it won't connect to any wifi chanel above 11.

This could be understandable it was designed in the USA and they aren't allowed to use chanels 12 13 and 14 but this unit was bought in the UK so you would think it would allow 12 & 13 right (14 is only allowed in Japan) but no, the thing just stedfastly refuses to use those chanels.

Could be the radio chipset then I hear you say, well no its not. All it is, is one entery in setings.db. All that has to happen is changing US to EU and it would just work. but now for the problem, that db is locked, yep thats right locked even if you have root and the system partition is mounted R/W

What a pest eh. well I'm a perstant sort so I'll keep trying and will post the results here if I get anywhere with it.