Friday 17 June 2011

Defeats and Victories

updated my 3ds to firmware 2.x today only to discover it rendered my DStwo card (I like home-brew apps) un-useable.
This was some what of a pest, as I discovered (after the fact) the only way to update the DStwo card's firmware, was to load it in a DS of some sort which hadn't had the current patch from Nintendo.
In the end it turned out the only viable solution was to get another DS of some sort to run the twods update via.
Fortunately CEX had the solution a DS lite for only £50 as aposed to another 3DS at £180 from Game (with no certainty that that would not come with the problem causing update already installed).
So now I have a updated and perfectly working DStwo card and a DS lite that I will always be able to update it in, no matter what updates Nintendo throw my way for the 3DS ;-)

On a lighter note, I have finally managed to get enough of an understating of using jquery in conjunction with PHP to make to cool dynamically generated components for the staff directory side project I'm doing at work, eg the log viewer component dosen't (now) care how many logs pop up in the log folder, it just automatically adds em' to the viewer with no fuss and formats the interface so its always nice an clear.

I may just release a version of the 'AD based web-directory' project via my website soon (hey I might as well I wrote most of it in my spare time / during my lunch breaks), once I get it cleaned up a bit (and remove any embedded AD login credentials from it of course ;-) )